12 May 2012

You humans are so petty....and tiny.

I saw Avengers again. I have to say, the audience this time was kind of listless. They didn't seem to enjoy it nearly as much as the audience I saw it with last week. Also, no one stayed for the little bit at the end. Seriously, the theater was empty. It was actually a little creepy.  I suppose this means that all the die hard fans who know about, or at least expect, a post-credits scene have already seen the movie. The people seeing it now are seeing it because...any of the myriad other reasons we see movies, I guess.  

Anyway, I'm glad I saw it the second time. There were lines and small things I missed during the first viewing that I was able to catch this time. The funny was still funny. The action scenes were still engrossing. I liked the Black Widow character more the second time around. I read on the internet that people wanted more shirtless Thor scenes. I didn't even notice there was no shirtless scene until I read that. The movie was so entertaining that I didn't spend it thinking "Thor/Captain America/Hawkeye should take his shirt off." That's some awesome story telling.  I can't say the same thing about the Thor movie.
Gratuitous shirtless Chris Hemsworth pictures. You're welcome.

The most unexpected side effect of this movie, I think, is its retroactive transformative powers on the movies that came before it. I liked their characters in the Avengers so much, I'm willing to give the Thor and Captain America movies a second chance.


Deb said...

I just signed up for Netflix - both Thor and Captain America are available and I was trying to decide if I should watch them. I guess if you're willing to give them a second chance, I could give them a first. :-)

Ellie Fish said...

I guess you haven't seen Avengers yet?

Laura Manuel said...

Thanks for the shirtless picture. I did miss that about the movie, but you're right. It was so amazing that it didn't need a shirtless Thor... couldn't say the same about the Thor movie... without that shirtless Thor the movie would have sucked.
I saw Avengers twice as well. The premere I went to was so loud with laughter and cheering I completely missed Hulk's one single line. "Puny God". The first time I was laughing so hard from the scene itself I nearly lost my seat. Glad I heard that the second time, though.

Ellie Fish said...

You're welcome! I can generally be counted on for gratuitous shirtless pictures of hot guys.