25 May 2012

Belated post about the long weekend

Last year on the 2-4 long weekend, a group of us went hiking on the Bluff Trail. It was cold enough that we did the hike in long sleeves, toques, and mittens. I'd forgotten how crappy last spring was. Not this year. Well, not this particular long weekend this year, anyway.

Both Saturday and Sunday had highs in the low 20s. Saturday was the usual market trip, and we went out to Long Lake to eat lunch and take a walk.  I hadn't been there before, but it was nice. We only did a short hike. The best part, though, was all the dogs. So many adorable dogs, running on the trails and playing in the water.

Sunday I went to Taylor Head,  a peninsula provincial park with trails. We did about 8km. Once you found the trail head, it was very well marked. The trails we took went around the head of the peninsula. It was beautiful. The trail went though some scrubby forest, teetered over rocky cliffs, took us down onto cobble beaches, and ended at an amazing sandy beach.

Nova Scotian picnic

A sparsely populated beach!

Jelly fish

Monday I had brunch with my last remaining local family member (the rest have moved, they aren't dead or anything). After brunch we went to the dog park to walk her dog. It was dog nirvana. They were all so cute and awesome and I want a dog! 

Speaking of dog's, I'll end this post with the latest picture of my parent's puppy, Barkley.

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Anonymous said...

I am looking out my office window at 2:45pm on a sunny Friday afternoon, and there's a person wading in the river with their goofy dog and I am so jealous and happy-sad it hurts. I miss my dog.

- Oz