28 February 2010

Sorry, Sid

Okay, so I'm totally sorry. I admit I was mad at you for the entire game. It's just that you didn't seem to be doing anything. Then we went into overtime and I blamed you. It's unfair - I know. But you're the only player on the team whose name I know, so you kind of get the brunt of it all. (Okay, so I also know Chris Pronger's name. But I just don't like him). 

Anyway, you showed me. Way to get the gold medal goal! I think pretty much everyone in Canada loves you now, not just Nova Scotians and Penguin fans. You should capitalize on this, maybe open up a chain of coffee shops...

Don't let Cole Harbour down, Sid


41 Year Old Email

Webmail sucks, I've covered this before. I shouldn't be surprised by anything that it does anymore. I'm fully aware that, sometimes, it likes to hold on to emails for a couple of days before giving them to me. But this is new:

Did they even have email in 1969?


Just thinking about the Gold medal hockey game makes me nervous. I don't know how I'm going to manage to watch the thing. I suspect there will be lots of watching-through-fingers. And swearing. Perhaps I'll throw something.

20 February 2010

Dog People

My dad does this crazy thing where he's always trying to reason with the dog. Like, if Moby chases some kids on bikes, Dad looks him in the eyes and tells Moby that it scares the kids when he barks and runs at them. Moby never seems to get the message. I mean, maybe one day he will, but Moby isn't the smartest pup in the litter. Although, what he lacks in smarts he makes up for in cuteness and abandonment issues.

19 February 2010

Doin' the best we can

The weirdest thing about the Olympics, from my POV, is the absurd coverage that CTV has. When I'm eating breakfast in the morning I watch "Olympic Morning," and it's live. From BC. Where it is 3AM. Those poor newscasters are working at 3AM just so half-asleep people in the maritimes have something to watch for a few minutes before they go shovel snow or catch the bus.  Everyday I feel sorry for them, sitting in front of big glass windows that show Vancouver behind them, sound asleep in it's warm beds and not performing live on TV for a bunch of people in the maritimes who really just want to know how Sidney did the night before.

At the moment we have 7 medals, and we're tied for 4th with the French. The French hate us. Although, everyone hates us at the moment, as I understand it. And they're only gonna hate us more when we take all the hockey and curling golds. Go Canada!

17 February 2010

Can't Hardly Wait

Syfy is making a movie called Sharktopus!  I mean, that news coupled with a Half Snow Day is making this one of the Best. Wednesdays. Ever.
The "plot"? "The U.S. Navy has commissioned a group called Blue Water to genetically engineer a half-shark, half-octopus to help combat Somali pirate ships. Then things go wrong." Really? How could anything possibly go wrong?


Okay, so it's only half a snow day. But it's freakin' awesome.

14 February 2010

Reading is Fundamentalist

Only a couple of weeks left for everyone to read the Canada Reads books.

I remember the first Canada Reads. That is to say, I thought I remembered the first Canada Reads, because I remember posters we had at the library where I worked in high school. But then I see on the CBC site that the first Canada Reads was in 2002, and at that point I hadn't worked at the library for 2 years - so I actually don't know where that memory comes from (this is not unusual for me. I have a surprising number of memories that, when I try to reminisce with someone, they say "that never happened.")

I have never participated in Canada Reads. For no real reason. Looking at the past competitions, I've read at least one book from every list except for 2004 and 2007. So, I must not be completely out of touch with CanLit. I can't believe that Colony of Unrequited Dreams lost in 2003. Can we, like, do a recount or something? That is such an incredible book, I think Mr. Justin Trudeau must have made some irrevocable error in his defense of it. There's really no way that book should have lost.

13 February 2010

Olympic Fever is so much better than Swine Flu

So I checked out the CTV Olympic site and the first headline I saw was "Luge Track Declared Safe After Fatal Accident." Then, the next one "Le May Doan Left Standing as Cauldron Malfunctions." These don't sound like good starts.

I like the winter olympics so much better than the summer olympics. The summer olympics seem to have too many made-up sports. There seems to be no guiding priciple to what is a summer sport, or even a sport. Anything you can do outside, inside, in or on water is "summer." Even fake things like trampoline, dancing with ribbons, and getting other animals to do the work. The winter olympics are so much more clean-cut: snow and ice. Less variety, sure, but more order. And, come on. I live in a country where a substantial part of it is frozen year round (at least, historically). Winter olympics are just more Canadian than summer olympics.

I'm currently flipping through some photos of the opening ceremonies. Oh! I totally want that HBC scarf Clara Hughes got. The phallic ice sculptures were probably a bad choice, but the polar bear of light is inspired. I want one for my front yard at Christmas. Donald Sutherland! Okay, I kind of regret not watching this.

I'm sure I'll be writing more about the Olympics in the days to come. For now I will just give all our athletes the same advice my big brother often gives me: Don't embarass us.