05 May 2012

Saturday in the City

It's May, so many of the students have left town and been replaced by tourists. It's warm enough to ride uptop on the ferry and the Harbour Hopper is in the water. Welcome to summer.

That's beautiful downtown Dartmouth in the background.
I went to the markets this morning with Alej and C's mom (C's out of town). We got Mary's cinnamon rolls and Laughing Whale coffee at the old market. (It will forever be the Old Market to me. It's like people who lived here when the bridges were being built call them the Old and the New bridge, the markets will remain Old and New to a lot of us). I had a Canadiana, which is a shot of espresso in a coffee. It was awesome.

While looking at one of the produce stands, a woman in front of us moved aside and Alej and I exclaimed at the same time:  "Oh! Fiddleheads!"
There's no Fuck Yeah Fiddleheads tumblr. Someone should get on that.
So I had to buy some. I've been waiting for fiddlehead season. I'm so glad they're finally out. At the new market, Alej and I had a similar moment at a table where a guy was selling things carved out of found wood. Except this time Alej exclaimed "Oh! Crabs" just I as exclaimed "Oh! Fish!"

After we had gone through that market and the new market I walked along the waterfront to get back to the ferry. Along the way, I came across this:

I have no idea what it was for. I think one of the signs said something about pesticides, and another had the word "ethical" on it. The music was nice. Further along the waterfront I saw this sign.

I don't know if they mean it's a parade comprised of giant puppets, or if it's just a really big parade with puppets in it. I mean, there were giant puppets in the little parade I saw, but two giant puppets does not giant puppet parade make.

If anyone wants more Haligoniana (Halifaxiana?) head here to watch Joel Plaskett and his dad sing about Halifax.

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Deb said...

Oh! Fiddleheads!

I've totally been waiting for fiddlehead season, too...I was just starting to wonder if I'd missed them altogether. Hopefully they'll still have them at the Toronto markets next weekend. I have a recipe for gnocchi with fiddleheads that I've been waiting to try. :-)