26 May 2012

The Bird

I can't wait for Eurovision to be over. It's all tumblr is talking about; it's tiresome.

Something is wrong with my hand. Specifically the middle finger on my right hand. When I describe it to people they say it sounds like a pinched nerve. I can neither fully extend nor tightly curl that one finger without intense pain.  I prefer to think of it as hand cancer. That's more appealing to my inner hypochondriac. Either way, it's annoying and painful. It's affecting my grip and ability to do even simple things, like write or pick up my coffee pot. You have no idea how vital your middle finger is to every day use, not just for driving!

Anyway, this injury/cancer is forcing me to favour that finger, so it's always partially extended so I'm constantly flipping everything and everyone off. So impolite. That has reminded me of when we were kids and my youngest (not younger, mind you) brother and I would give each other the finger. If our mom caught us, the punishment was to wear mittens. We could still give the finger from in the mittens, but no one could see. Of course, these mittens were likely made by my mom, and were, therefore, Death Mittens

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