01 May 2012

If Elections Canada offered voters a chance to win $10,000, voter turnout would be greatly improved

I told Deb I'd post this for her, and I promised that the dozens (bakers dozens, even) of people who read this blog will all go and vote for Thor College.
They are one of 10 finalists across the country up for a chance to win an outdoor classroom through the Majesta Trees of Knowledge contest.  The contest is an online vote – there are 12 days left to vote and you can vote daily (also, for every vote you cast, you get entered for YOUR chance to win $10,000).  You can go to www.majestatreesofknowledge.ca, enter your email address, click “vote and enter contest”, then vote for Thor College!  J  They’re a little school (just over 50 students) and they’re up against schools who have up to over 500 students, so they’re currently in last place. 
Also, how can you not vote for an elementary school named "Thor College"?

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Deb said...

Yay! Thanks, Ellie. Go Thor! :-)