23 June 2011

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

Today Deb & I were email-talking about how we hate cleaning and I shared the above sentiment with her that I got off a postcard but have since adopted as my personal philosophy. Then I was over at my old place tonight, doing the insane final clean-out, and I had the following thought: I could never kill myself by sticking my head in an oven. It would be too much like housework. 

Did you notice I was gone?

 I've been uncommunicative lately. I've been busy: I had almost two weeks of field work, then I started a new job, and then I moved apartments. I haven't finished unpacking yet, but I do have my bookcases assembled and organized. That's the most important thing. Below are two pictures of my books in alphabetical order by author's last name. Each pile represents one letter.

The more geeky among you will notice that (hey! my foot!) this isn't a normal distribution. Not that you'd expect something organized alphabetically to follow a normal curve. There are three distinct peaks, though, at C, M, and W. The strong C cohort is make up primarily of my Couplands. M, I think, is just a common first letter for surnames, and the Ws are mostly my Whartons. Not pictured are my non-fic. I only have about half a bookcase of non-fiction and their system of organization is far more wishy-washy.

I don't have anything else of note to share. Oh, but if you get a chance to see a show called Garth Marenghi's Darkplace don't pass it up.

16 June 2011

The End

11pm was my limit, I gave up and went to bed. But the Canucks lost, which I saw coming ever since Oz told me they would lose. I'm glad the play offs are over. Now I can shave this beard.

15 June 2011

Second Period

Oh - no! I don't want to watch Don Cherry. Sweet Jesus. What is he wearing? I know, I know this is his thing, this is what he does: he's Canada's Elton John circa 1980s. But...this? Is awful.

It sounds like this Thomas guy is really good. Maybe I should be cheering for him. I find the commentary hardest to follow when they use other sports metaphors in their hockey commentary.

Do Vancouver homes have bomb shelters? I think people are going to need them tonight after the 'nucks lose and civilization collapses.Maybe it doesn't translate well to my tiny computer screen, but shouldn't the audience be more batshit crazy with excitement?  Shouldn't giant, beer-bellied grown men be overcome by hysteria in the aisles?  Shouldn't they be weeping with joy just for being this close to a Cup? Or, like me, have they already given up?

Did that Bruin dude just squirt "home" water on the ice? Surely they aren't allowed just to pour water on the ice? 

Bruins are leading by 2 now. I'm starting to get tired, I probably won't last much longer. The Bruins seem good - why didn't they win this series before now? Although, it looks like the Canucks are trying now.  Not that it's going to matter, the Bruins are leading by 3 now...

The hockey players want to run,they want to hide, they want to tear down the walls that hold them inside

I'm watching The Game. Part of it, at least. They played U2 right at the beginning and got my attention.  It's already 9pm here and dangerously close to my bedtime, so I might not watch the whole thing.  I'm moving on Saturday and I've already packed my TV, so I have to stream the game online. Not ideal,  but so far there hasn't been any skipping, so it might work out. Oz, I was going to call you but my phone isn't working. Based on what you've taught me about the Canucks, I fully expect them to lose.

I should be honest. I'm not even watching the game. I'm listening to it while I type this, and check my email, and catch up on my favourite blogs, and look at new releases on Amazon (new Elizabeth Hay!). But listening to it is useless when you don't know any of the characters names. I only know Maxime Lapierre, and I'm supposed to hate him because my BFF said he's an ass. This would make much more sense if I was actually watching. Maybe I'll try that for awhile...

09 June 2011

Awww! Puppy!

I think this is making the Facebook rounds, so you might have already seen it, but I would be remiss if I didn't share.

01 June 2011

"I'm angry. Waste always makes me angry, and that's what all this is, sheer waste." -Rhett Butler

Granted, Rhett was talking about the civil war, but the sentiment still applies. A friend forwarded me an email about Fish Fight, a campaign to reform the EU's fishing policies with respect to discarding. The campaign seems to be fuelled by the desire to not waste so much tasty, tasty food - and you can probably guess how well that sits with me. But, anything that ultimately helps the fish has to be trumpeted.You can watch their promotional video here.