25 April 2012

Why can't we do this?

The idea of moving to New Zealand is looking better every day. They may raise the price of a pack of cigarettes to $100 in efforts to be a smoke-free country by 2025. Imagine it. Oh, bliss. No third-hand smoky elevators. No inhaling clouds of smoke at the bus stop. No getting stuck behind smokers on the sidewalk. No assholes throwing butts out their car windows. And, yes, the long-term health benefits for the people being forced to quit, and their families, and the reduced strain on the health care system, are all benefits as well. I wonder how hard the immigration process is?

1 comment:

Kimm-my said...

I am on board with this.

The on I hate is the third-hand smoke that enters your car vents from the person smoking in their car in front of you.