14 April 2012


The Avengers comes out soon.

I'm looking forward to it because I like superhero movies and I like Whedon. Those two things together can never, ever end badly. While I'm sure you can go into Avengers without having seen any of the individual character movies before it, I wanted to see them all. I liked the Ironman movies. I saw Captain America, but honestly couldn't tell you anything about it. I'm watching Thor right now.

I had to watch the prologue voice over three times before I finally understood what it was about. But really, on the whole the movie doesn't make too much sense (or maybe I should stop typing and pay more attention). I think a big part of it is that Thor is not, to me, an interesting or cool superhero. I like my superheros like I like my men. Human. The non-human heroes - Thor, Superman- are just not as interesting as the human heroes - Wolverine, Batman, etc.

I like the attempts to connect the different movies, though. Both through the shared characters (Hawkeye is in Thor! Fun!) and with all the references to other characters and events. I hope ya'll watched to the end of the credits on Thor, I think that scene might be important for Avengers.

Given that Chris Hemsworth clearly went on the Ryan Reynolds Diet**, it's a shame he doesn't also partake in the Reynolds Method of shirtless acting. What's the point of looking that good and covering it with chainmail or whatever?. 

**subsisting solely on lean cuts of chicken and the tears of women who love him.

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