22 April 2012

Dear Lord

I mean, Dear Oz.

We talked on the phone earlier today. You'll remember that I spent the better part of our conversation yelling at you for giving up on Angel after only 10 episodes. I've been trying to think about a way to convince you to stick with it. But everything I want to drag out as reasons to watch are, I think, spoilery, and should be discovered on their own. The first half of the first season is no way to judge a show. Many awesome shows do not have good first seasons (including Buffy, which only had about 4 great episodes in it's first season).  You're missing out on so much, not just the really funny or dramatic episodes, but the expansion of the Angel world to include all sorts of great characters you haven't even met yet. And if there are characters currently you don't really like, remember: this is a Whedon show. Characters will die. Not Angel, mind you. I suppose it's not a spoiler to tell you that he never really dies. And if he's the reason you don't like the show then there's really nothing to be done about that. Except to say, give it more time!

I can't tie you to a chair and make you watch it. Not as long as you're living in Alberta, anyway.  I suppose if you're willing to live the rest of your life never understanding the context of Numfar's dance, then who am I to argue?

Love, Ellie

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