25 April 2012

Awesome little old lady, or Death Cozy

My mom (the destined-for-fame inspiration for Death Sweater) is in the process of knitting a sweater for her newest grandson, Baby Bono (or, Trenton as his parents insist on calling him). I asked what she's been watching while she knits, she said "one by one, the 10-pack of horror movies Mike gave me (only two left)." I should warn Baby Bono's mom that the sweater needs to be exorcised before wearing.  

I asked mom to send me a photo of the sweater. She's been having camera issues all winter. She lost her own camera, then she broke the camera she usually uses for work. She wrote back (all her emails, every single one ever sent to me, is addressed with a "Dear Leslie" and is signed "Love Mom"):
The new camera they got me is an iPhone. I don't like it particularly, but it takes pictures. I even crocheted a red iPhone cozy to protect the screen and keep it from getting scratched up, and also so I can find it easily in my purse.
I then expressed surprise that her work bought her an iPhone (my thinking being since print journalism is dying they would be cutting corners), and begged her to send me a picture of the cozy. She then responded:
If it's usable as a phone, I don't know about it! Anyway, I'll be glad to photograph my iPhone cozy too! You'll see why it never gets lost in my purse.
Death cozy
I then told her that she is awesome and should never change. Her response, "'I'm too old to change anyway!"

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