21 April 2012

There's a rainbow in my pocket.

Or, for my American readers, there's suspicious, potential surveillance devices in my pocket.

My quarters, soon to be converted into laundry. 
These are dated 2011, but this week was the first time I noticed them. I love that we're not content with just coloured paper bills, that we want colour on our coins too. This playfulness the Royal Mint seems to have is so at odds with how I tend to view Government departments (yes, it's a crown corporation, which is different, but most people don't care).  I'm glad they do fun stuff like this. Because, really, why not?  I also learned that they're making some changes to the loonie and toonie. They're going to do laser etching. Cool. 


Deb said...

I got one of those new loonies in change back from Starbucks the other day...it's bright and shiny. :-)

Kimm-my said...

If you haven't changed the bird one into laundry yet can you keep it for a while... we have been collecting them for Edward and are only missing the bird ones...the colour one and the non-colour one.

Ellie Fish said...

Luckily for Edward, I've been too lazy this weekend to bother with laundry. I'll put the coin aside for him.