26 April 2012

Those aren't mountains. Those are sluts.

I give you Sluts Across America, a birth control advocacy project. 
"Sluts Across America" is the collective voice of the women and men in this country who use or support birth control, and are sick of being judged because of our desire to be responsible and safe about our sexual health. If protecting ourselves makes us sluts, then it's time to redefine what "slut" actually means.
I'm with them all the way.  I do find it great that the Slut Map doesn't follow the Jesusland map, showing that some issues, at least, have nothing to do with politics. Although, admittedly, the borders of Jesusland need to be redrawn.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, based on Monday's election results, I think Jesusland needs to extend northwards into the southern third of Alberta.

Sluts unite!

- Oz