13 March 2010

Sunny ≠ warm, people! Take off the sandals and put on a coat, for God's sake. It's still winter.

Sorry. I just had to get that off my chest. That and I forgot to tell y'all about the girl I saw the other day, walking down the street carrying a rabbit. She was cradling it like a baby and it was half tucked into her jacket and only it's big bunny feet were sticking out. It was sweet. Except. I had just finished watching Of Mice and Men (the awesome Gary Sinise version), and all I could think about was Lenny and how he tends to...love things too much, and then I wondered if the bunny was even alive and that sweet little moment on the sidewalk turned dark way too fast. Even for me.

Today I went to an estate auction. I'd never been to an auction before, and neither had my sister-in-law, so we went together. I have an Aunt who goes to auctions quite often and she'd told me to decide what you were willing to pay for an item and stick with it. So, there were 3 pieces I liked and I set in my head how much I was willing to pay for them. I quickly realized I have no idea of the actual worth of things. The chair I was willing to pay $50 for went for $300, and the lamp I wanted for $15 went for over $100. The antique radio I wanted for $20 actually sold for $20 but I was just too slow to grab it. Maybe next time I’ll do better.

The auctioneer was entertaining, although he was an odd fellow. He moved very fast and more than one person lost out on a chance to bid because they didn’t move fast enough. He kept going off on these complete non sequitors, at one point he was holding up a vase and started talking about Lady Gaga and this dude on CNN who’d had a sex-change operation. How that related to the vase I have yet to find out. He also kept lecturing the audience – telling us how much things were really worth and how you just can’t buy stuff like that anymore. Seriously, it felt like every item, from 18 karat gold rings to oak dressers, was no longer available in stores. Apparently, we live in some post-apocalyptic craptown where all the jewelry is all only 10 karat and all the furniture is pressboard. The horror.

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