11 March 2010

Damn, Canada Is A Slow Reader: Day 4

Here we are on Day 4. I think I missed something when I didn't watch all of Day 3. How are they going to announce a winner tomorrow if there's still 4 books left?

Ugh - so tired of the repetitive first minutes of the show. My computer doesn't like streaming video at the best of times, and when I try to skip ahead it gets pissy.

They are about to announce the death of another Canadian authors' career. Dude, can you imagine if this were that serious!? Like, if you don't win Canada Reads, you could never publish again. My prediction is that Good To A Fault is next to go. And the loser is....Oh! Wow! This is about as exciting as a book competition can possibly get! My favourite just got voted off! No way!  And it was voted off because it's a fabulous book that's already wildly popular. Good bye, Fall On Your Knees.

Dude, I don't know how to describe the momentousness of this to a non-bibliophile...okay, remember during the men's gold medal game, when we were 30 seconds away from gold and how shocking it was when the US got that goal and all our hopes for gold were called into question? It's like that, except imagine if the US had won the game.

Man, I have no idea what will happen tomorrow.

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Deb said...

Listening to Day 4 debates now. I'm in shock. I have no idea where this is going to go now.