11 March 2010

Canada's Still Reading: Day 3

Okay, this is the 3rd time I’ve heard the introductions of the people and the books. It’s getting a little old.

Aw, Generation X is first to go. Not a huge surprise. Cadence Weapon had an uphill battle with that one. It’s a great book, but Coupland isn’t for everyone. He’s wonderful and brilliant and I love all his books (except for Shampoo Planet), but his books exist in another world and I think a lot of people don’t like it there.

So, I watched the first half of the broadcast last night before I had to stop and leave for the evening.  Now it’s technically Day 4 of the series, and I can’t seem to find the Day 3 show to watch the rest of it. So, I'll tell you how I think the end of Day 3 went down. There was more talking, the one chick probably complained about how fish are boring, and the one dude probably said some more stuff about how none of the books were “French” enough for him (personally, I felt that the First Nations were under-represented – but that’s just me). Then Jian says something pithy, then they all say once more why their book is the bestest of the best (while Cadence Weapon weeps silently in the corner), and at the very end Douglas Coupland arrives and throws copies of Hey Nostradamus at the panelists and yells “Try voting that off, Bitches!”

Up Next: Day 4!

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