19 March 2010

beyond recall, dejected, demoralized, despairing, disconsolate, discouraging, downhearted, fatal, forlorn, helpless, in despair, irredeemable, irreparable, irreversible, irrevocable, lost, past hope, pointless, tragic, unmitigable, woebegone

What a crappy week for conservation. Look at these headlines currently up on CBC:

Tigers nearly extinct in wild: UN group
Sharks threatened by Asian consumers: group
Global polar bear trade ban defeated

What is the point? Why do I struggle so much against the rapid destruction of our planet? It seems so inevitable sometimes, doesn’t it? Everything I do seems so futile.

Oh wait, I missed these beacons of hope:

Number of High Arctic animals declining.

Sweet Jesus. I want to crawl into bed and pretend the human race never happened.

(Aside: I went camera shopping last night. The sales guy asked what I wanted and I told him my basic requirements. He first directed me to a Nikon, so I had to explain to him that I was boycotting Nikon, and by extenstion, Mitsubishi. When I told him why and he said he understood, that he had a sibling who worked in marine management. Ah, if only having a sibling in the marine field was enough to make people conscious of marine issues. Anyway, he stopped trying to sell me a Nikon and I bought a Sony. The announcement about the lack of a Blue Fin Tuna ban makes me feel justified and less crazy-lady-ish.)

It was also a bad week for common sense:

Those ads are awesome. You can see the rest  at the site.

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