09 March 2010

Canada Reads Some More: Day 2

I managed to avoid CR spoilers today, mostly because no one that I interact with really cares.  But I care!

Oh! No! The defender of Fall On Your Knees totally just brought up a major plot point that I'd forgotten! Sucky. That, combined with her anti-fish comments yesterday, is doing nothing to endear her to me.

Interesting question: which character (of all the books) will you remember the longest? That's a hard one, and so far I kind of agree with everyone's - except for the one who picked a character from Jade Peony. And I hadn't thought of the connection between Nikolski  & Generation X before - that's pretty insighful.

Sadly, I think Generation X may be first to go. So unfair. The vote is coming up - I'm getting nervous.

Wait - what? We have to wait until tomorrow to find out what got voted off? So cruel.


Deb said...

You'll also note that the person who went for the Jade Peony character had the character wrong...so really, how memorable a character was it?! :-)

And I'm sorry for you on the first book to go; although, I really have to say that I totally agree with the panelists on that one. Sorry.

Ellie Fish said...

Well, I see where they were coming from in how they voted, but I don't agree with them. The book they voted off is revolutionary, groundbreaking, it coined phrases. Good to A Fault (which will likely be the next to go) is not even comparable. I totally feel Cadence's pain.