02 December 2010

Sweet Jesus! I love SyFy!

I haven't seen Sharktopus yet, but the trailer for this movie seems, in my opinion, to trump Sharktopus in sheer awesomeness. I mean, holy carp, there's mega shark, a giant prehistoric crocodile (shout out to all you under-represented-in-bad-movies herpatologists), and....and...I can't spoil it for you......

...and Urkel!!  Freakin' Urkel in a movie about giant prehistoric sharks and crocodiles! I can't possibly love this more. Unless, say, Bono was playing the herpatologist. Then it would qualify as the Best Freakin' Movie Ever in The History of Everything.

I can't wait to see what they come up with next. I think it will be a movie about giant prehistoric beavers and giant man-eating dragon flies starring, um, Ben Savage as the knowledgeable park ranger and that girl from Degrassi as the entomologist.


Justin said...

Asylum Pictures simply makes the best movies ever. Have you seen Mega Piranha yet?

Ellie Fish said...

No! The library here doesn't have it, and I haven't checked Blockbuster yet. I did, however, buy a copy of that aw[some]ful-looking Frogs movie off Amazon. I'm saving it to watch with my mom over Christmas.