11 December 2010

Context is Everything

The new market - officially called the Seaport Farmers Market, unofficially called The Old Market Murderer**- has an International Market on Fridays, where international food vendors sell hot food for lunch and dinner. Alej and I have gone twice. We've had Afghan, Antiguan, and Indian food. We went last night with our friend D, who is pregnant. She's so adorable, she's the happiest pregnant woman I've ever seen. She tells practically everyone she talks to that she's expecting. So, we get our food and grab a table. We were there towards the end of the market hours (which is only 7pm) and Alej and I got full plates of Indian food for $5. Awesome. I believe D got her dinner at the Zimbabwe table. Sitting at a nearby table is a guy who asks us if we're going to share. Alej and I ignore him, while D responds something to the effect that she's pregnant and isn't giving her food to anyone. The guy then says, "great! I love feeding pregnant women." He left shortly after, which I was grateful for because I found his comment to be really creepy.

I was at the new market again this morning, because I had only been there on Friday evenings and most the vendors aren't open then. I wanted to get the full market effect. As markets go, it's very nice. It's really just a big room, I wouldn't say there's more walking space or better flow of traffic than the old market. It definitely lacks the character of the old market, and no amount of green-building-coolness can really make up for that. So, at the market today we saw the guy from last night, and he was the chef at a crepe stand. I turned to Alej and said "his statement seems a lot less pervy now." I was quite relieved.

**And neither of these should be confused with the Harbourview Market, or the Alderney Landing Farmer's Market, which are across the harbour. Does HaliMouth really need 4 markets?

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