13 December 2010

Preachy Ellie, FTW!

Alej told me that Hali was going to get hit with a weather bomb and when I asked her what that was, she said it was going to be rainy and very windy for the next few days. I said that's not a weather bomb, that's just Halifax. Is Vancouver really wetter? I mean, really? Or do they just complain more? 'Cause Hali is plenty wet.

Most of you know about this already, because I've been talking about it, asking for advice, convincing people that I'm serious about it, and staving off mocking older brothers. If I had Facebook I'd just change my status, or something, but I still shun that (down with Facebook!), so I'll write a whole post about it and you have to read it. Ha! Here it is. My big announcement. I'm vegetarian now. Specifically lacto-ovo-vegetarian. The best thing about being vegetarian is that no one can call me a hypocrit for only not-eating seafood and now I can be extra preachy about eating sea food! I have free liscence to never shut up about how guilty y'all should feel for eating fish and shellfish! Preachy Ellie, FTW! (I suppose I should mention that while I do still eat eggs and dairy, I only buy free range eggs and organic dairy).  Here's hoping my soap box can withstand the weight of my smugness!
Of course, becoming some WBC-style anti-fish-eating super-protestor was just a bonus (9/11 happened because God was mad at us for eating fish. I'm sure of it). I actually did it for all the regular reasons: health, the environment, all those baby sheep I used to eat in Greek restaurants. I don't really need to get my protein from animals. I know PaleOz will probably disagree with me, but I don't want to eat what Australopithecus ate! I like tofu! It hasn't been bad so far. I am more limited at restaurants, but not much more since not eating seafood limited me a lot to begin with. I haven't yet had to resort to bagels or pasta for a meal, so I'm quite happy with that. I went to the international food fair at the new market (not nearly as charming as the old market) last week and there were lots of veggie friendly options, and I had an Afghan sombosa and a delicious tofu & black bean Antiguan dish. The lady serving offered me a free helping of goat, but I politely declined. Goat, according to Alej who didn't decline it, is similar to lamb, but tougher.

I'm traveling to South America in the spring and Alej is teaching me useful Spanish phrases, like "I'm a female vegetarian" and "there's meat in this? Are you trying to kill me?!" 


Anonymous said...

Ha! PaleOz! I like it. And anyway, the less meat you eat, the more there is for me. You can have all the neolithic foods I rarely eat anymore. That's fair, right?

- Oz

Kimm-my said...

This apparently wasn't too big of a change for you in my books... I had to really think back to realise that you weren't already a vegetarian. Have you had quinoa, it is a very good protein rich grain...I tried to feed it to Edward but he wasn't a fan, but I liked it.

Ellie Fish said...

I do eat quinoa, it's my go-to grain now. Alej gave me a breakfast cereal recipe with quinoa, millet, and amaranth. Greek yogurt is really high in protein as well, you could try giving that to Edward.

Justin said...