04 December 2010

He's so awesome, he's inawesome.

Have y'all ever seen this?

It's what I think of whenever I hear that word. I also think of that movie whenever I get offered lip balm.

I was trying to think of a word for Joss Whedon, and I finally decided on inawesome, because I'm sick of "awesomesauce" or whatever the current word is. By now we all know that They are making a Buffy movie without the inawesome Mr. Whedon. Everyone I've talked to is pretty much WTF about the whole thing. Our Lord and Master released a, typically, awesome response about the whole thing. I've since read that he doesn't own Buffy. At all. How absurd is that? It's owned by Fran and Kaz Kuzui, and they offered him the movie and he turned it down. Rightly so. It's way too soon for a Buffy reboot. Unless it's a movie that carries on from the TV show, there's no point.

But what prompted this post was that I just now learned that Joss Whedon played the role of Numfar in the Pylea episodes of Angel! Those of you who haven't watched Angel (and there should be a big YET after that) have no clue what I'm talking about. I can't post a clip because Fox has scrubbed it off YouTube, but Numfar does the hilarious dance of joy and it's my favourite part in the episode. This is the best representation I could find. Mind you, Numfar's dance is not as funny as Angel's handclappy dance...oh, dude, can you imagine an Angel and Numfar dance off?

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