29 December 2010

I think Douglas Coupland hates me

People who shun new technologies will be viewed as passive-aggressive control freaks trying to rope people into their world, much like vegetarian teenage girls in the early 1980s

1980: “We can't go to that restaurant. Karen's vegetarian and it doesn't have anything for her.”

2010: “What restaurant are we going to? I don't know. Karen was supposed to tell me, but she doesn't have a cell, so I can't ask her. I'm sick of her crazy control-freak behaviour. Let's go someplace else and not tell her where.”   ~Douglas Coupland


Anonymous said...

Except that vegetarianism is an increasingly 'normal' and accepted behaviour, while acceptance of Luddites is on the decline. There are many more vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants now than there were in 1980, while society is becoming increasingly hostile towards individuals who actively avoid technology -- no Facebook, no cell phone, even no email (gasp!) means no invitations because it's just too damned difficult to work around your special lifestyle. So vegetarians and non-technologists are actually opposites.

Coupland: 0
Me: 1

Go me! Minus all those best-selling novels, anyway.


Candra said...

I would like to point out that even poverty stricken Countries like Nicaragua have Vegetarian Restaurants.