23 December 2010

Running away and joining the circus is no longer a viable option for me

My SiL is riding the Stop Shopping bandwagon with me. Not because she saw the movie, but because she's a reasonable person. We've decided to stop exchanging gifts among our generation (i.e., between me and my brothers, and her and her sister) and instead we'll just do something together. This is the first year we've implemented this. Sadly, one of my brothers didn't make it out this year, so it was just four of us. We went to circus school. It was really sweet. We got two hours of a little private introduction to the circus arts. We did the mini trampoline running and jumping over things, the trapeze, the ring, the silky bandy things, and the big trampoline. There was also juggling, plate spinning, and diablo lessons too. Overall, I was pretty bad at most of the stuff. I couldn't get my plate to spin, I could only juggle two balls, I did throw up and catch my diablo, but only once successfully. I liked running and jumping over things off the trampoline. Spinning on the ring was fun. And we did this one trick on the trapeze where you wrap your legs around the ropes and then basically do a "Superman" and hang parallel to the ground - I really liked that. I totally don't have the arm strength for the bands, but I was able to jump really high on the trampoline and do all the tricks.

I had intended to take pictures, but just got caught up in everything and didn't get a chance. I was impressed by the abilities of my SiL's sister, she seemed to pick up on everything really quickly. My brother did really well too, and was a very good sport considering every trick we did had unmanly names like mermaid and starfish. I'd go back again, if only for the chance to jump on the trampoline again. But I'll prepare next time - work on my jugglinig skills beforehand. Maybe do some bench pressing or something so I can do the bandy things.

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