05 November 2011

Happy Hallowe’en (days ago, I know, but I’m having internet problems).

My mom is a zombie purist. She doesn’t like movies where zombies are played for comedy (e.g., Zombieland). In her words, “if you can’t take zombies seriously, don’t make a zombie movie.” In a recent email she said: 

 “I had this discussion with [name of a girl I worked with in high school redacted] at Council while we were waiting for it to start. She was talking about The Walking Dead and [the zombies’] capacity for strategizing and problem-solving. She said that all species evolve, and perhaps that includes zombies. HOWEVER, there's no way they can move fast! As the numbnuts sheriff in Night of the Living Dead explained, "They're dead, they're all messed up."”

I think I’ll get her a copy of WWZ for Christmas.

She’s also a big fan of zombie walks.
I supposed because of the reverential way they treat zombies. Alas, there is no zombie walk in her community. There is, however, a group that participates in Thrill The World, which attempts to gets lots of people all over the world doing the Thriller dance at the same time. They’re attempting to break a world record, or break their own record, or something. It’s been going on for a couple of years, and I only heard about it this year through mom.  Halifax is supposed to have one, according to the official site (which is absurdly hard to navigate and you have to go through about 3 pages and two sites to get a list of participating cities), but I never heard or saw anything about it locally. When I emailed the Halifax contact I didn’t get a reply. Therefore, I was unable to participate or, more likely, go and watch. 

Mom, in a surprising and inawesome  move, did more than just go and watch. She and her best friend got all zombified and did the Thriller dance. In public. With people watching.  I have no memories of my mom ever wearing a costume. She also talked to the coordinators of the local event and said they should combine it with a zombie walk next year. 
Me, Hallowe'en 2042.

I think getting a zombie walk in Northumberland County has become my mom’s new crusade. She said if they do get a walk next year, she’ll make and carry a copy of my favourite zombie protest sign:

What do we want?
When do we want it?

Sadly, while I have no video of mom and her friend specifically (Kimm-my really let me down there), there is video of the event. 


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Ellie Fish said...

All is forgiven. In hindsight, Edward may still be a little young for that kind of event. Besides, you can make it up to me if/when they get a proper zombie walk!