10 November 2011

Super Bon Bon

I want to say that the best scene in this week's Castle was when the guys were strutting around in full Elvis to Soul Coughing's Super Bon Bon (video will soon be disabled, I'm sure):

Why was that the best scene? Because Soul Coughing! I love them and I so rarely, perhaps never, hear them on TV or movie soundtracks. I may have heard Circles once, but that's about it (as an aside, the former SC front man, Mike Doughty, has songs all over TV, but they're more mass-market friendly while still being really good).

Anyway, in my search for the above Castle clip, I came across this video that someone made of Fred Astaire dancing to Soul Coughing’s 4 Out Of 5. It's cool, and it begs the question, who has this much free time? And is this like the Hitler meme  where Hitler over-reacts to different situations? (My favourite will always be the Third Reviewer. It’s funny because it’s true y’all). Are there dozens of videos of Fred dancing to various off beat, seemingly incongruous songs?  

This video also begs the question, is the quality of the video really poor, or is Fred Astaire in black face?  Because that’s…just bad. And people should know that by now. 

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