03 November 2011

The local paper here has this word map thing on their webpage. It's made up from the key words they assign to their articles. I assume it covers many, many months. Why else would there be information on Russell Williams?

What I find most interesting is that enough of the articles misspell "millitary" [sic] as a reference term that it appears in the figure. If only there were someone whose job it was to check these things for spelling errors.

Also, the size and boldness of MURDER is troubling. 
MURDER: happening as we speak. 

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Anonymous said...

Could be worse. Edmonton has had 40 murders so far this year, an all-time municipal record, with potentially 2 more being investigated.

So Edmonton is leading the country in murders not only per capita -- with 1 murder per 18,810 people, compared to Winnipeg, our closest rival, with 1 murder per 21,378 people -- but as an absolute number.

For comparison, Calgary, with 1 million citizens, has had 6 murders so far this year. See:


So what I'm saying is, if Edmonton did a word cloud for our news topics, all of the words not about hockey would be MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER