28 April 2011

This is probably the last I'm going to write about the elections. At least, until next Monday night when I rend my garments, lament how my country is FUBAR, and plan my move to Ireland where I will vote for Bono in every election until the day I die. 

Avaaz has a strategic voting guide, check it out. There aren't really that many races where a non-conservative party has a chance to take back a seat, but it's worth checking out.

Weeks ago I went to see Elizabeth May. I never wrote about it. She's a really good speaker, and everything she says just sounds so rational and she's not afraid to talk about the things the other parties seem to have forgotten about, like climate change and women's rights.

A local Green party member spoke. I forget his name, and his riding. He's young. I'd say he's at least 5 years younger than me, if not more. He gave a speech about the youth vote and how young people are ignored by the other parties. I accept that he's new at this, but his public speaking style was, to me at least, offensive. Instead of writing out cue cards with his speech on it, he saved it to his smart phone and read it off that. However, by holding his phone out in front of him and scrolling down thoughtout the entire speech, it looked like he was texting or checking his email and couldn't be bothered to devote his full attention to the audience.  I hope someone corrects him of this soon.

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