02 May 2011

And here we go

I haven't actually looked at any results yet, if there are any. I haven't sufficiently braced myself.

Wow. My riding went NDP, and historically it's very strongly Liberal. However, Conservatives are up two seats in the maritimes.

MacKay won his riding, but that's no surprise. Creepy:  CTV has head shots of the party leaders, but they aren't still photos, it looks like video clips of their heads, so the images hover and move a little and it's awful. I think I remember them using this method for the Superbowl or something.

They're talking about bin Laden. Is anyone else bothered that he was just living in the suburbs?

Conservatives shut out of Newfoundland. Why aren't we all moving there?  CTV has lots of screens to show the results on. The guy keeps saying "and if you follow me over to this screen..." and he's got a whole other infographic to share.

I do wonder what the turnout is going to be for this thing.

Ugh. Stop writing on the screens. What's happening over at CTV? Boo - refined results. But still lots to come in, and they're saying 11:30 over and over, but I'll probably be in bed by then. Election results were so much easier to stay up for when I lived in Edmonton.

Ignatieff is so fired. I wonder if Justin Trudeau is old enough to be party leader yet? I find the preliminary results are so stressful. Oh, no. They're saying that Justin Trudeau might not win. And Stephane Dion still has a riding? I did not know.

Peter Mansbridge is promising us a wild ride. Still, the urge to cry is already building in me.

The CBC "decision desk" just called the election for the Conservatives - but they aren't saying minority or majority.

(desolate silence)

The adult education center that I volunteer with had a mock election. It was meant to get the students excited about the election, and also to let them know what to expect at the polls and how to vote. I think some of them had never voted. They emailed the results out:

NDP: 50%
Green: 22.2%
Liberal: 19.4%
Conservative: 8.3%

If only.

This is where I go to bed. Conservative majority with NDP opposition. Good luck May!

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Candra said...

Wow I am speechless about this too!

Who would have known this was going to be the outcome...