04 April 2011


This relationship is hard to deny, even if it is technically untested. My mother reacts like this towards any mammalian animal, not just cats. I thought about this comic when I was in Pucon, because all of us conference goers were really excited by the dogs.  Why, you ask, were we excited about the dogs? Because the dogs run wild in Pucon. There are dogs everywhere. I suppose you would call them feral. The interesting thing was how they behaved - they were so calm and submissive to people. I saw a few of them bark at cars, but generally they just followed you around and sat quietly by while you ate. They didn't even actively beg.

I sat on a bench in the park to read, and this guy curled up at my feet. His friend chose the flower bed behind me for his resting place.

This dog made a big impression, he chose a shrub infront of the hotel for his nap.
But it was this dog I will never forget. This adorable dog with pygmy legs that we encountered at the top of the volcano. The last thing you expect to see at the top of a volcano is a dog. This dog was really skittish about people. She was probably really pissed off because she thought she'd found a great place to live away from people and then we show up in droves. Or maybe she just thought we were stupid tourists.

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