01 April 2011

It's a bad day for things I hold sacred.

Insult number one, some magazine has ranked Canadian cities and put Edmonton at #8 and Halifax at #21. Not much of a step-up from my almost-hometown of Cobourg which was #28. My mother sent me this information, to which I replied "Edmonton would beat Hali in level of miserableness felt by left-leaning people after every municipal and provincial election." And she wrote back, "I agree that Halifax would beat Edmonton if there was an index called "minimal human sensitivity" but [MoneySense] didn't think that was important!" Ahh, Edmonton. Why do I love to hate you? You're like PEI, except my hatred of you is rational. I would like to point out that these ratings included weather and crime. I supposed the index is more weighted towards economic factors, though. 

The second bitch slap comes from the Fraser Institute, that paragon of Canadian Conservative thinking. They graded schools in Canada and the Catholic school in my actual-hometown got a perfect 10, and the beloved  public school that I went to got a 2.8. I hope they're not using a log scale. Kimm- isn't that Eddie's future school?. That's Grafton Public School's lowest score ever. I didn't really look at the criteria, but I suspect that GPS lost points for teaching evolution.  


Carol said...

I'm hoping that in 2.5 years when Edward starts school maybe they will have moved up on the scale. I don't really worry about the ratings...they always ranked NipU really low on the scale and I thougth it was awesome.. gotta love 1st year labs with only 6 people :)

Kimm said...

appartently my mom was logged into her google account on my computer and it chose to leave that last comment under her name... oops.

Ellie Fish said...

I was wondering who Carol was and why she was talking about your kid.

In reality, GPS probably wouldn't have scored very well while I was going there, and I turned out okay. The only thing I really remember from grade school is the lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire" and "Jake the Peg." And there was something about something called "upper Canada" but that part is fuzzy.