30 March 2011

Nota bene

During the conference talks, if something struck me as relevant or even just interesting, I would take notes. Sometimes if a talk was boring, I'd also take notes. Here are some examples of the quality notes I take: 
  • something I've never thought about: zooplankton scatology
  • zooplankton geek humour: calling virtual copepods in computer models "compupods"
  • I've never been to a conference where people take pictures of the screen during presentations. Not of the presenter and the screen, just the screen. Is that because they're too lazy to take notes?
  • I dislike when the session heads don't enforce the time limits. Also, if we're running 3 minutes late, we don't have time for questions! Especially questions from scientists, who can't ask a question unless it's prefaced with a story.
  • I have no idea what this talk is about
  • The Spanish version of web browsers and powerpoint and such are really disorienting because the look and format are familiar but the Spanish is so foreign (to me).
  • Ew, some guy in the audience is chewing on his middle finger
  • Think of the pteropods!
  • I don't know much about krill developmental stages, but one of the early nauplii stages looks a lot like a mite

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