01 September 2010

Yesterday I said it was spontaneous combustion hot. I'd like to upgrade that to shave-off-all-your-hair-and-find-a-root-cellar-in-which-to-curl-up-and-die hot. It's in the 40s with the humidex! And hurricane season is starting. Hurricane Earl is due to hit us on Saturday (what is with all the hurricanes come to NS on weekends? I can't get a free day off work if the city is shut down on a Saturday!). Sadly, Saturday is also my friend Danny's wedding day. They say that one thing always goes wrong at a wedding, I suppose a hurricane would count (aside: at my parent's wedding my grandma's hair caught on fire! They also weren't technically married, but that's another story). I'll keep you updated. Although, if I don't have power I'll be using my precious laptop battery to watch The Wire and not write to you lot. I'm going to go stand dangerously close to my ceiling fan now. 

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