03 September 2010

Way to cover ALL your bases, EC

And I totally missed the chance to get a screen cap of it, but earlier in the week one of the projected paths for Earl (via Stormpulse) had it veering through Michigan then up into Canada. That same model now has it hitting Portland before terrorising Quebec and perhaps Labrador. That is now my favourite forecast model. It's called "Extraoplation using past 12h motion." It seems to be based on the philosophy that you can't really predict these things, so why try too hard?

Which brings me to the CBC posting of the week, in an article about how Earl is heading towards NS and people should monitor the weather reports and be prepared (this is verbatim, because the spelling mistakes make it that much better):
" Run and tell the king. The sky is falling"
This is fear mongering like I have never seen before.
All the EXPERTS and their predictions. In accuallity.....they have NO IDEA where it is going. Nowhere likely!!!!!!
Okay, I know EC is being excessive in its warnings (see: above) but fear mongering? And not just run-of-the-mill everyday fear mongering, but the worst this guy has ever seen. I must have totally missed the EC information statement that said "Everyone in Nova Scotia is going to die. DIE!!"

While we're on the topic of fear mongering, sign this petition and STOP Fox News North. Contrary to popular belief, we really don't need our own version of everything the Americans have.

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