23 August 2009

Bill < Juan

I must say that Hurricane Bill has been a bit of a let down. Basically it was rainy and windy today. Here, at least. Not very exciting at all. We've been talking about this thing for a week. "What do you think of Bill?" "What have you heard about Bill?" "Remember Juan?" "What're the people at the Hurricane HQ saying about Bill?" Even last night, at the Kangaroo-BBQ, we were checking stormpulse every hour or so. At the moment, it looks like it'll make land in NLFD, so whoever is the Newfie-equivalent of me might have a different opinion about Bill.

Two asides:

1. The main "Bill" in my life is so un-hurricane-like that I find the name "Hurricane Bill" to be completely absurd. Like "Hurricane Cricket" or "Hurricane Fiesta."

2. The Kangaroo-BBQ was literally that, courtesy of A and her boy T, an Aussie ex-pat. It's a very red meat, kind of beefy. I know, I know. My stance on what animals I will and won't eat is messed up. Last night I ate a kangaroo steak, but today I refused to eat a Caesar salad because of the anchovies in the dressing. But I have to put the fish first!


Deb said...

I'm not so sure. I think I could picture a Hurricane Cricket. :-)
But, yeah, Hurricane Bill? Maybe if there were such thing as a silent hurricane - 'cause, really, after that image of the last draft you sent me, I'd say there was a swath of destruction in his path. All constructive, of course.

Ellie Fish said...

Yes! You're exactly right. If there were such a thing as "constructive destruction," it would certainly be Hurricane Bill's calling card.