26 September 2010

Atlantic Film Festival

Last year at the AFF I saw two movie that were both really good for very different reasons: An Education and Dead Snow. This year, the two movies I saw weren’t nearly as good as those two, but they're worth seeing.

The first was Repeaters, a Canadian film about three kids in recovery at a half-way house who begin living the same day over and over again. It’s not an original premise, most sci-fi shows have done an episode with that premise. X Files did it awesomely, Buffy did it a bit, Angel kind-of did it, but not really, Fringe did it with a time travel twist (if I recall correctly), and Supernatural did it and killed Dean, like, 30 times. (And, yes, there have been movies too). This movie dealt with the morality of living without consequences. Basically, these kids could do whatever they wanted and everything would be undone the next morning (which, of course, was that morning). I found it entertaining. Some parts didn’t make much sense, and the acting left a little to be desired, but overall it wasn’t a waste of my time. 

The second movie I saw (on the same night) was a midnight showing of Rubber, which I have recently mentioned on this blog. I was so happy that Alej agreed to see it with me. There aren't many people on this earth willing to spend money to see a movie about a sentient killer tire.  Needless to say, the show was not sold out. 

My supervisor recently said to me in a meeting, "I don't want to create a story out of something that makes no sense." Clearly, the creator of Rubber did not suffer the same fear. It was probably the most surreal and absurd movie I've ever seen - in a good way. It begins with a monologue about how things in movies always happen for no reason. Clearly, the speech is meant to stop us from spending the movie asking, "why?" and to tell us to just go with it. And if you don't question it, and accept that one day the tire just wakes up and develops a taste for making things explode with his vibrating rubbery powers, it's a fun movie. If you don't buy into it and, say, fall asleep part way though it (Alej!) then you probably won't enjoy it.  

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