07 September 2010

Sheet Ellie Says

So, I just read this online
"swearing, by common agreement, is a nasty habit that should be given up by the age of 30."
Okay, I don't agree to anything. You're telling me that in 6 months I've got to whip out my list of Things I'm Too Old For and put "Swearing" on it, right after "Binge drinking" and "Anything by Stephenie Meyer"? Screw that.

I’m of the mind that swearing, when done right, can be both expressive and entertaining. I point you in the direction of Deborah Morgan on Dexter, or the entire movie In the Loop for my evidence. That being said, I know that some people dislike my swearing so I try to keep it to a minimum in certain company. And it's not as if I go around swearing in front of my sibling babies either. I may be crass, but I'm not completely without sense. (Links, btw, are not safe for work. Or Cricket).


Kimm-my said...

It's weird that in 6 months you'll be 30 and I haven't even turned 29 yet!

Ellie Fish said...

Yeah, yeah. I'm actually okay with 30. Save your "I'm younger than you are" teasing til I'm rounding 40. Then it will sting:)