11 May 2010

Scotland Day 8: Yes, there's still more to write about

Friday was another day spent in Glasgow. I woke up feeling 100% better, then I made the mistake of eating and by the afternoon I was feeling crappy again.

We went shopping a this huge pedestrian street called Sauchiehall (pronounced "sucky hall," as far as I could tell). I bought five books. Books there are so cheap, even after the conversion. And there was deals: buy one-get one, and 3 for 2! How could I not buy books? (I already read one of them, The Book Thief by Markus Zukas - it was fantastic, and sad but not in a soul-crushing way).

We had afternoon tea (aka, lunch) at The Willow Tea Room. I didn't take many pictures that day, but lucky for me Alej got a picture of lunch:

For all you tea lovers out there, I tried Scottish Breakfast tea. I have to say, though, that Irish Breakfast is still my favourite.

After lunch there was more shopping. Then we did a bit of sight seeing and took some pictures in George Square:

We decided to go on a hill walk Saturday morning. Stay tuned for some gorgeous scenery pictures.

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