21 May 2010

Scotland Day 10: Last Day

I didn't actually take any pictures on our last day in Scotland. It was a glorious day - hot and sunny (hot by Glasgow standards, which is warm by most standards). In the late morning we had coffee with a friend of C's who was a natural born Glaswegian. His accent was a little hard to understand at times, but he was so nice and funny. He also had one of those scary-breed dogs, a boxer I think. I don't care how many people tell me that they're gentle and sweet, I can't help buy picture those scary-breeds snapping and attacking. Give me a good, calm Golden or Lab any day.

After coffee we picked up some sandwiches for lunch and headed to the botanic gardens. It was packed - everyone was out enjoying the nice weather. Alej & I toured some of the green houses while C sat out in the sun. I've never been a plant person. I can appreciate them from an ecosystem perspective, but generally they hold little interest for me.

We spend some time out in the sun. I fell asleep. At some point in the early afternoon we headed back to the flat to meet up with C's boyfriend N, who was out of town for most of our visit. The four of us got iced coffees and headed out to another park to enjoy some more time in the sun. C & N said that that was what Summer in Glasgow was like. I'm really glad we got to experience that, in addition to the more chilly Spring weather.

We had drinks before dinner at a place called the Liquid Ship. Alej & N talked stats. We had dinner at a Persian restaurant. It was delicious, but it was essentially just a giant plate of meat. Then it was home to sleep and the next morning we left!

Thus officially ends my seemingly never-ending recounting of my time in Scotland. I still have one entry to write about London, but then I'll be done. And you thought it would never end.

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