28 May 2010

Not Enough Time In London

We added some time in London onto the end of our Scotland trip. We had to go through Heathrow anyway, and it was pretty easy to get a 24h layover.  We arrived at the airport around 10. We had to collect our bags, then catch the train to the city. There were two trains going into the city, and the difference was about 15 minutes at twice the price. Needless to say, we took the cheaper train (Heathrow Connect, for those of you who might need it one day).

We got to our hotel and checked in. Our room was teeny-tiny. Monica made a great video, but I can't seem to upload videos at the moment. It was a study in space-saving. The sink was in the desk.

And the fire door being propped open with the extinguisher was priceless:

We had lunch at the Dickens Tavern, mostly because it was close by. A sign outside advertised that it was the longest pub in London. Alej quite astutely guessed that was why it took so long to get our food. By the time we finished lunch and got on the tour bus it was 2pm.

First stop was the arch. Then lots of awesome architecture, and the Canadian Embassy.

We got off the bus to ride the London Eye. I have to say, the London Eye was freakin' awesome. I think it was worth every pence. It takes about 30 minutes to go around, and it's such a smooth, slow ride that you don't even feel the movement, and suddenly you're up really, really high.
Not everyone loved it as much as me. This chick spent the whole time texting.

After the trip on the Eye we got back on the bus and saw more sights. We really didn't have time to get off the bus again at any other sights. We finished out the ride and ended up back at the hotel. It's really a shame that we had so little time there. It was such a beautiful city, I just wanted to get off the bus and walk around. I really want to go back sometime when it's warm and I can spend entire days exploring.

The rest of my London pics are here.

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