06 May 2010

Scotland Day 7: Fever and Nausea in Edinburgh

At some point, between Wednesday night and Thursday our whirlwind pace caught up to us. Alej got a fever and some sinus issues, I got nausea and sinus issues. We weren't going to let that stop us from going to Edinburgh. We took the subway to the train station. Glasgow has a subway system that is ultimately idiot proof. It's two big loops, going in opposite directions - so technically any train you catch will go to the station you want, but if you pick the wrong direction it will take longer.

The train ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh took about half an hour. I spent the journey alternating between sleep and panic that I would throw up.

Once in the visually impressive city of Edinburgh, we bought tickets to a hop on/hop off tour. The ticket booth was located across the street from the train station. It couldn't have been simpler. We sat on the top floor of the bus, in the open part: the better for picture taking.

 After one round on the tour, we decided to ride it back to Edinburgh castle. The bus let us off on the Royal Mile and we walked up to the castle. We decided it was too expensive to go into, so we took pictures then walked down the Royal Mile for awhile.

It took forever to find a restaurant with soup on the menu for lunch. We ended up eating at an Italian restaurant with an oddly touchy-feely waiter who I think thought we were American because he made some American joke and I didn't correct him. I didn't finish my soup and Alej told him I wasn't feeling well. He patted my shoulder and told me to get some rest.  A note, if you travel in the UK: sometimes your tip is included in your bill, it will be listed as, like, "service fee" or something. So, unless the service was really good, be careful you don't go around double-tipping.

After lunch we headed for the National Museum of Scotland, and randomly happened upon a comic book fanboy-type store, so I was able to buy Doctor Who dolls (excuse me, "action figures"). That was very exciting for me. It was hard to choose which ones to buy.

The museum was huge and had lots of exhibits and Alej & I were exhausted. We went to the roof-top viewing area and took some more pictures.Then we halfheartedly looked at some stuff then sat on a bench for awhile to rest. We were like little old ladies.

The highlight of the museum's collection, in my eyes, is Dolly. The Dolly - stuffed and on display (and looking a little mangy close up). I mean - Dolly! And she's in the kiddie-science-discovery area. The single most important sheep in the history of humanity and she's being wasted on children! (Remember when she was born? I was taking Grade 11 Biology, but I think I was in Grade 10. She's the reason I read The Boys From Brazil!).

After that we caught the bus tour back to the train station (I fell asleep - I hope the tour guide didn't notice) and headed back to Glasgow. I had two crackers for dinner and spent the night cuddling with a water bottle on C's couch.

I really like Edinburgh. It felt way more Dickensian than London did. We only had the one day there and I would love to go back sometime. I'd love to explore the old part of the city more, and experience the more modern neighbourhoods.
One last picture for today - the best lawyer name. Ever. 

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Blue Heron Moon said...

I love to hear about things that are worth going back for a second look...then I know the places I can't miss...if I ever get to go. Great post!