27 May 2010

Holy smokes

I'm not usually a compendium of YouTube videos (not usually) but this also came up in my training and I'm bound by genetics to love anything with Dueling Banjos in the soundtrack.

The music somehow makes him seem even stupider. How is that possible?

We did the pool training with immersion suits today. It was fun, we put on the suits, jumped in the pool, and climbed in and out of an impossibly small 4-person life raft. The zipper on my suit split and it filled with water. Thank God we weren't doing this exercise in the Harbour. The split was from my chest up to my neck and the instructor couldn't get the zipper down over the split, so he whipped out his pocket knife and said, "Do you trust me?" As if I have any choice not to trust the man with the knife to my neck. He cut me out of the suit.

Tomorrow we're supposed to play with fire extinguishers and flares. Fire fun!


Anonymous said...

When you hear the phrase "experimenting with fireworks" you know it's not going to end well.

Also, his "protective covering" on the table is clearly just the Thanksgiving tablecloth.


Kimm-my said...

hee hee... Dueling Banjos... brings back memories of Outdoor Ed class :)

I'm hoping that the immersion suits that you would have to wear in an actual emergency are in better condition then the one that you used in training... cause if it is going to split like that in an emergency aat sea then is there really any point in training??

Ellie Fish said...

The suits they use for training are old and over-used. If I did go to sea, I'd have one in pristine condition. They really aren't the kind of thing you reuse.