17 September 2012


As part of my three week vacation, I spent a couple of days in Toronto. One day with my brother (Hurricane Michael) at Wonderland and one day to visit with friends in the city. I hadn't been to Wonderland since the ¾ of the Core Four 30h Reunion Extravaganza two years ago. I really wanted to go this year because I had the time and they have a new coaster I really wanted to try. So my brother got a day off work and we went on the Monday of the last week in August. Since returning from my trip, I got this email from my brother:
"A woman I work with somehow ended up at a function with the guy who designs the rides for Canada's Wonderland (talk about a great job).  He told her that the week we went, historically, is the busiest week of the entire year at the park.  So we got ridiculously lucky."
And we were lucky. The day we went, the forecast was for rain in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon. We even considered not going, but it was the only chance I had to go this year, so we went for it. The rain was pretty heavy in the morning, but not so heavy that they stopped the rides. It was, though, heavy enough that people went home early, or didn't show up. We had to wait in line a few times, but by the afternoon we were just walking onto rides. It was awesome.

The new ride I wanted to try was the Leviathan. A 300+ foot drop followed by minutes of heart-stopping awesomeness. At the end of the first time on it, I was shaking and couldn't breathe. We went on it four times in total. It was awesome! It's similar to the Behemoth, which is scary and awesome in it's own right. We went on that three times.



One ride I went on that I really didn't enjoy was the Wind seeker. It was just too high for me:

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