05 September 2012

Hurricane Day on Ellie Fish

It should come as little surprise to long-time readers and friends that I place a lot of importance on names. It's the logical consequence of being saddled with a name like "Leslie" your whole life. I like my name right now because I get my own hurricane, but I will shortly go back to disliking it.

I do think it's a nice little coincidence that me and my youngest brother are hurricanes at the same time. That makes me happy in the same way that small-world stories do. And, as an added bit of awesome, I saw this on Hurricane Tracker:

More little coincidences. Or maybe it's synchoronicity? Anyway, the J and K names that I missed earlier were Joyce and Kirk. Joyce was my grandma's name and is my niece's middle name. Kirk is my name in the alternate timeline where I was born a boy. My mom would have named me Kirk Douglas (Douglas after my grandfather, not the actor).


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At least seven that I know of.