30 September 2012

I'm still still here

Okay, I did go away for a while. I was at sea for five days last week. Five solid days. It was the longest sustained trip I've done in over a decade. When I was out earlier this summer, the longest we were out without touching land was four nights, but this trip was five days and five nights. And two of those days were very rough seas. Not so rough that it was unsafe to fish, but rough enough that you learn to do everything one-handed because you use the other hand to hold on. And my legs are covered in bruises I don't remember getting. I was land sick for two days after we got back. I almost fell over in the shower.

This time I was just off Seal Island, NS.

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I had a dream about the island one night on the boat. I dreamt that the island was full of volunteers who reenacted battles for the entertainment of the people on boats as they sailed by. But the battles they reenacted were between hunters and the penguins that used to be native to the island (dream biogeography is rarely accurate). So there was a bunch of people in penguin suits running away from people shooting arrows at them from bows. In the dream we were sailing by and watching, and one of the penguin people was actually hit - but it was all faked for the reenactment.

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