07 September 2012


I can't sleep, and I got sucked into streaming the DNC. I didn't cry over Gabby Giffords, but I almost did. That was pretty incredible. Speaking of crying, was Biden tearing up? That was weird. I had no idea he was  a good public speaker. The intro video for Obama is narrated by George Clooney. Because of course. It's a very convincing piece. I would totally vote for this guy. And he comes on stage to City of Blinding Lights by U2. And he and Michelle are so cute. Why can't he be Canadian?  Obama believes in climate change. Be still my heart. Okay, maybe it's the sleeplessness, but this speech is really good. I love the foreign policy burns. I'm literally nodding in agreement. Wow.

I want to live in the America in Obama's head. 

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