15 June 2011

The hockey players want to run,they want to hide, they want to tear down the walls that hold them inside

I'm watching The Game. Part of it, at least. They played U2 right at the beginning and got my attention.  It's already 9pm here and dangerously close to my bedtime, so I might not watch the whole thing.  I'm moving on Saturday and I've already packed my TV, so I have to stream the game online. Not ideal,  but so far there hasn't been any skipping, so it might work out. Oz, I was going to call you but my phone isn't working. Based on what you've taught me about the Canucks, I fully expect them to lose.

I should be honest. I'm not even watching the game. I'm listening to it while I type this, and check my email, and catch up on my favourite blogs, and look at new releases on Amazon (new Elizabeth Hay!). But listening to it is useless when you don't know any of the characters names. I only know Maxime Lapierre, and I'm supposed to hate him because my BFF said he's an ass. This would make much more sense if I was actually watching. Maybe I'll try that for awhile...

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