23 June 2011

Did you notice I was gone?

 I've been uncommunicative lately. I've been busy: I had almost two weeks of field work, then I started a new job, and then I moved apartments. I haven't finished unpacking yet, but I do have my bookcases assembled and organized. That's the most important thing. Below are two pictures of my books in alphabetical order by author's last name. Each pile represents one letter.

The more geeky among you will notice that (hey! my foot!) this isn't a normal distribution. Not that you'd expect something organized alphabetically to follow a normal curve. There are three distinct peaks, though, at C, M, and W. The strong C cohort is make up primarily of my Couplands. M, I think, is just a common first letter for surnames, and the Ws are mostly my Whartons. Not pictured are my non-fic. I only have about half a bookcase of non-fiction and their system of organization is far more wishy-washy.

I don't have anything else of note to share. Oh, but if you get a chance to see a show called Garth Marenghi's Darkplace don't pass it up.

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