23 May 2011

Happy 2-4!

Spring has almost come to Halifax. Almost, but not quite. It stopped raining for a couple of days, and the sun came out today. It was nice enough to sit outside and read, as long as I sat in direct sunlight, and out of the wind, and wore long sleeves. But it wasn't warm. By now, it should be warm. And there's more rain in the forecast. Rain all week. Crappiest. Spring. Ever.

Yesterday a group of us went hiking. It was supposed to be sunny, but it was overcast and about 9oC. Some of us were wearing mittens and toques on the hike. Crappiest. Spring. Ever. But it was a great hike. None of us had been there before, but it's a large trail system less than 30 minutes outside the city. It was very well marked and had some really nice vistas. We only did about 9km and there's plenty more of the trail left for us to explore on another day.

And changing topics completely: is anyone out there still watching Bones? Because holy crap, WTF? What a horrible, stupid, Chris Carter-y thing to do.  

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