25 June 2010

The British Are Coming

More specifically, The Queen. She'll be in HRM for a few days next week. It's a huge deal. And she'll be coming to where I work ever so briefly. That is, honestly, kind of exciting. Especially for an Anglophile such as myself. What's even more awesome is why she's coming to my office. It's the 100 year anniversary of the Navy, and Halimouth/Dartfax is very much a Navy town. We've been hosting a bunch of events to celebrate, the biggest of which was this huge military game (er, "exercise") and the International Fleet Review.

The Fleet Review is what I'm most interested in, because lots of foreign military vessels will be in port and the public is allowed to get tours of some of them. Also, for the review, these 22 ships will be lining up in neat little rows in the basin and the Queen will be sailing around, inspecting them. That's why the Queen is coming here, she's using our jetty to board the ship that will be doing the inspections. We've been told not to expect to really see her. But we will be able to see all the ships. In fact, I can see them from my desk! The one down side is that the two American aircraft carriers are going to be anchored in the narrows, so I won't be able to see them from my desk. Look back next week for pictures of all the boats in formations.


Blue Heron Moon said...

I can't wait to see your pictures. I read "The Road" because of your recommendation. What a haunting book.

Ellie Fish said...

I'm so glad you read The Road. It is haunting, isn't it? It's not the kind of book you can read and then let go, it's really hard to move on from it - it stays with you.